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Graphics By Ei' says 

Thank you Dave! You are too good to me. I purchased my first Sign DNA files from you years ago, it was Next Generation 2 and the number on the dis is 00557. You wrote me a little thank you on a little yellow sticky and I still have it. I'm kinda girlie about that stuff. Thank you for the eps files! Thanks, just wanted to let you know that you even help out the small guy (gal)! You are great! ...Eileen

Written by Graphics By Ei', Yreka, CA

Angela McGee says

Thanks Dave, the font works perfect! I will definitely remember your business in the future.

Written by Angela McGee, Daily Graphics

Thom says 

Thanks for the courtesy! I hope our customers find us to be as gracious...
Written by Thom, Cedar Sign Company LLC, Burnsville, MN

David Kieso says

You are a great company to work with and we will spread the word. Your customer service is excellent and that is something we pride ourselves on as wel. We are a relatively new company that is looking to take it to the next level and with companies like you and fonts and clip art like yours I'm sure we'll get there. We have gotten clip art from different sources and the quality doesn't even come close. Thanks Again! Dave

Written by David Kieso, Venom Vinyl, Potter, WI  2003


 Becky Oehlers says 

Oh! I bought Krackle for PC. I adore it!!!! Thank you! It has been for use in my blog title for a while now (I had my web designer buy it, but nowI need it!)
Written by Becky Oehlers


Susie Marin says 

Thanks!! Ü
Written by Susie Marin

Christoph says

Hi Dave! Thanx alot for this fast Delivery! ;) I wish you all the best and the best wishes from Austria

Written by Christoph, Hell bound studio, Vienna, Austria


Randy Coleman says 

Hey Dave, I've already put some to use. The clipart should also come in handy. It definitely was a great deal and I'm glad I took advantage of it... 'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the future. Thanks again. P.S. I also like the personal touch with the hand written notes. You and Your way of business is one of kind. Thanks again. Randy
Written by Randy Coleman

Dale Sipos says 

Dave- Received the fonts today. Really appreciate your immediate attention. The extra fonts were a nice touch. I'm a happy camper. Thank You! -Dale
Written by Dale Sipos


stevie frear says 

thanks very much dave your a star !! (now where did jiggy roman come from??)......oh for pc fonts please. thanks again wil have new order asap. steve
Written by donna & steve, so signs, halifax, uk


Leah Sullivan says 

Wow thanks Dave! I Didn't expect such a quick response... I will buy more in the future for sure. Thanks again
Written by Leah Sullivan


Keith Jenicek says

Thanks for your fast service...on Superbowl Sunday at that! I look forward to using your fonts.
Written by Keith Jenicek


Sue Sleifert says 

Hi Dave Thank You so much for my fonts ! I love them all and I'm alredy having fun creating with them. As always it was a pleasure speaking with yo the other night. Have a very Happy New Year ! Thanks so much again !
Written by Sue Sleifert


Kenny Williams says 

Thank you so much. I LOVE these fonts! It really helps me with the creative process. I will be back. Thanks again! Kenny
Written by Kenny Williams, Owner Laughing Dog Graphics, Minier, IL


leigh jayne car says 

Thanks very much We sent you a email from our business account as well. Please ignore this and be assured we will be dealing with yourself rather han LHF and there magical hidden fonts. We love your script fonts. In our opinion no others come near them. look forward to dealing with you again Many Thanks John & Leigh
Written by leigh jayne carter, The OneStop Signshop


Francine Moyer says 

Hello, Dave! I did end up receiving the font I ordered, plus one! (Was that a mistake?) Thank you very much for your attention, especially durig the height of the holiday bustle! I will keep your site saved in my favorites! As I've looked through your stock, I've noticed that you have a lot of nice (and more importantly, useful) typefaces that I've not found anywhere else. Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season!
Written by Francine Moyer

John Kehoe says 

Thanks for the fast service. I have used your fonts for about five years and they are the best. Thanks again. John Kehoe
Written by John Kehoe, Cedar Rapids, Ia.

Jamie Williams says

Thanks Dave, You are the man! Ill def. be ordering more!
Written by Jamie Williams


Mike Connolly says 

Thanks. Great fonts!
Written by Mike Connolly, Centric Signs, Novato, CA


Kathy Moore says 

Thanks, Dave! I've already unzipped and put in my fonts folder, so I think the file worked fine. LOVE your fonts, keep up the great work! Thanks! --
Written by Kathy Moore, Owner, The Blog Shoppe



Mike Lewis says 

Very nice :) thanks!
Written by Mike Lewis


john says 

Thanks Dave, yer the best ! Johnny Boy.
Written by John, Johnnie Signs


Matt Vipond says 

got them! Can't wait to use them! -Matt
Written by Matt Vipond


Frank Quirarte says 

Written by Frank Quirarte


Chad McGraw says 

Dave, I just got my CD with the old and new fonts, just wanted to say thank you. I love using your fonts to set my layouts apart from others. Thanks aain, Chad
Written by Chad McGraw, McGraw Designs, Marshall, MO


Jeremy Siegers says

Dave, Was just skimming through the Sign DNA catalog I just received and love it! I have a question...are all the designs in the catalog created withfonts from your site? For instance, if I want to work with a particular design out of the catalog and use the same font included can I purchase it from your site? When you get a chance let me know! Thanks
Written by Jeremy Siegers, Signs To You, Tinley Park, IL


Julia Coccio-Ph says 

Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the "Ands". and I love the names! Regards,
Written by Julia Coccio-Pharr Owner Sign Effects, Collegeville, PA

Terry says

Hi Dave use this font in one of your sign layouts you know what this is ? and can I purchase it ? were really enjoying Sign DNA 2 th next generation book ....good stuff ! Thanks
Written by Terry B., Impact Sign Co LLC


Cory Mutch says 

Thanks Dave, and as always, Love your stuff! I have been wanting to get the G2 for some time. Thanks again
Written by Cory Cedar River Signs Charles City, Iowa


Kevin Egeland says 

Thanks, Dave! Some nice looking fonts. Kev
Written by Kevin Egeland


Joe says 

Dave, Awesome. When my piggie bank gets full again I'll get more. Thanks again Joe
Written by Joe, c3d


fiona says 

wow thank you for my dna pack, and it arrived on my birthday. fiona love my dna book xo
Written by fiona, Signlines, Belfast, Ireland


Beverly Crockar says 

Hey Dave! Just wanted to let you know I received my Fonts today and I LOVE them! Better and more "up to date" than any in CorelDRAW or Illustrato. Working on T-Shirt designs now! Had to brag on you a little bit....your the best! Feel free to use anything I said! You can doctor it up more if you like.....However you want to word it....I'm a happy customer!
Written by Beverly Crockarell, CMRA, Inc.


Ryan S. Kid says

..Thank You! When I saw that script I had to have it...all is well and thank you for the extra font! Till next time...
Written by Ryan S. Kid, Art Director, Kid Sign Co., Inc.


Lance Oliver says

Hi Dave, that's good too, I thought it would be 2-3 weeks. I'll probably be getting a few more fonts in the near future too. I'm wearing out Helvetic and all those other ones (lol). Take Care, ...Lance
Written by Lance Oliver, Oliver Signs


dale manning says 

Thanks Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone
Written by dale manning signs


Scott Grodberg says 

That was unexpected and nice; thank you signdna guy!
Written by Scott Grodberg


Joyce Slawson says 

Thanks Dave, I'll be using these today :-) Extras much appreciated too! --Joyce
Written by Joyce Slawson, Speedway Sign Co.


Nancy Woods says 

Thanks much, great choices and easier than lettering myself! Your quick response to the order is phenomenal. I was just renewing my sign craft subsription and was perusing the site when I decided to "shop" for fonts... Always enjoy seeing what you have new. So, if you can get around to finding the sign roman, I'd appreciate it. Now I might have to do some work!!! Thanks again, Nancy Woods
Written by Nancy Woods


justin hethcoat says 

PERFECT ! 'Thank You very much ! Justin
Written by justin hethcoat


Eric says 

Hi Dave... Thanks for the extra fonts, will be buying more soon, in the meantime please keep me informed of any new fonts you have. regards
Written by Eric, select signs


Larry says

Yes it is. Thank you so much. I would be lost with out it.
Written by Larry , Craze Signs


Cynthia McNabb says 

Dave,... These are great! Wish I knew about you guys sooner! Thanx for your help, don't forget to e-mail or fax me a receipt for my purchasing deartment.
Written by Cynthia McNabb Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc. Graphics Department, Aldergrove, BC


Dave Rothe says

Thank you sir! Sorry for the late reply. I been out of town on buiness. And now that I've discovered your site I'll be buying some more fonts in the fture.
Written by Dave Rothe


chris skane says 

Thanks - The fonts work great. ..Cheers..Chris
Written by chris skane



postamble(); Thanks Dave. I needed something new to look at. The 20 fonts that I got from you over the past 3 years have done me good & customers lovethem, but I'm getting tired of looking at the them. It's like eating Burgers every nite!


Melanie Smith says

Hi Dave, thanks for your help, you seem like a really nice guy! I am so glad to finally have some new fonts!!! Oh, do you mind emailing me with the opy of the invoice too?Thanks,.. Melanie Smith
Written by Melanie Smith


Ed Randolph says

Dave, in your DNA2 Next Generation catalog which I purchase sometime ago (by the way excellent manual - love it!) there is a font in which I'm tryingto locate as shown in your illustration 0004 in your gallery section the word 'AUSTRALIA'. If you could give me the name or help me out, I sure would appreciate it. Let me know how much and I'll send you a check or however you want to do it. ...Thanks for your help
Written by Ed Randolph, RANDOLPH SIGNS & GRAPHICS, Des Moines, Iowa

Wray Bassett says

Awesome! Easy and FAST! I am using and cutting only two hours after placing my order! Thanks,...Wray
Written by Wray Bassett, Graphic ID, Dover, PA


Mark La Cava says 

Thanks dave!!!!!!!!
Written by Mark La Cava


Nancy Revell says 

...OUTSTANDING! Would love to use Julious Orange and Sal Ceasar Thanks..Great fonts, have added you to favorites
Written by Nancy Revell, EGraphicDesign


JIm Preston says 

Dave - you guys are the best!
Written by JIm Preston


Bob Goellner says 

Thanks for the fonts. I have been hand lettering for 30 years and wanted to do my brush script into a font. How would I go about doing that? All ofthe fonts you have are not like my style. Thanks for your time. ...Bob
Written by Bob Goellner


Lesieli says 

Thank you so much, Dave. They are amazing! I will definitely be back for more!
Written by Lesieli


Dawn Keim says 

Thanks again Dave!
Written by Dawn Keim


wade anderson says 

My wife had purchased fonts for my birthday about 3 years ago, we had a fire in our office and lost all info on our purchase, Im sure we used my SIGNSLASH@AOL.COM e-mail. could you please contact my with info on redownloading
Written by wade anderson, san antonio, tx


Kent says 

Dave, I just got to my computer. Love your website, wish I could get more fonts, but Im just starting out. Thanks for the quick turnaround...Kent
Written by Kent


Lori, Gilded Ea says 

Thanks dave.............Lori
Written by Lori, Gilded Eagle


George Onda says 

The reason I am writing though is to thank you for the new fonts I ordered a little over a week ago and for replacing three of the old fonts I got fro you a couple of years ago. I really like them all. Also, thanks for sending them e-mail too. I really appreciated that. You make our jobs a lot easier because of the products you provide. God Bless You.
Written by George Onda - One Way Signs Loveland, Colorado


Danny Mentzel says 

Dave, .. Thanks for the fast service. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Written by Danny "The Dude" Mentzel The Dude Designs


Bryan Hardbarge says 

Thanks Dave! Gottem'! Anytime you need anything, just let us know! ......Cheers, Bryan
Written by Bryan Hardbarger, Co-Owner, Ellenboro, WV


Darlene Barnes says 

Thank you, Dave. I appreciate your quick response.
Written by Darlene Barnes, Cranbury Custom Lettering, Mercerville, NJ


Jeannie Papadop says 

Hi! Love the fonts..purchased a few yrs ago! How much more would it cost to get a copy of the fonts I purchased tonite for Mac? I debated which to limping with my old PC system and have a new MAC. Also last time you sent me hard copy as well as via that possible too....hate to lose these in a crash!...thanks for the hard work and service you provide...its just wonderful....Sincerely THE Window Jeannie! Edmonton Canada!
Written by Jeannie Papadopoulos: Window Jeannie


David Macomber says

Thanks so much for sending them so quickly and throwing in that bonus one!!! Have a good week....thanks again
Written by David Macomber Jr., artist.designer.photographer, Cape May NJ


Matthew Appleto says 

Hi Desperate to get these fonts - please let me know when they will be delivered... Thanks, and good work with the scripts! x
Written by Matthew Appleton, Modern Activity, UK

Martin Geihe says 

hi dave thanks for that,... i was sick of my old fonts,... the ones i picked are the ones closest to my actual freehand painted scripts which you can eally only do on stockcars these days, not normal vehicles,... cheers,martin
Written by Martin Geihe, doodle bug signs


george bailey says 

Thanks Dave, great fonts.
Written by george bailey


Neil Davey says 

Thanks Dave, hope to do more business with you. Great service and cheers for the extra font.
Written by Neil Davey Signs


Kathy Moore says 

Oooh, I am in LOVE! These fonts are awesome, thanks so much!
Written by Kathy Moore

Bonnie Mullen says

Dave, Thank you so much for such fast service... and for the extra font. I love my new fonts and have been wanting to get them for a long time. Tanks again! Bonnie
Written by Bonnie Mullen

John Kehoe says

Love the DNA fonts and use them more than anything else. Thanks for the extra one. John
Written by John Kehoe, Cedar Rapids, Ia.

Larry Hansen says

Hi, Dave Thanks so much for the quick service, the high-quality fonts and the bonuses!!!! We'll be back for more!!! I'm a Chicago BrushMaster (instripers for charity) along with Bob Behounek and a few others. Paul Martin came down for our event last month - small world :) Larry
Written by Larry Hansen, old bob sign

Rod Zolman says

Looks like Big Medicine will be a good addition to my collection. Thanks
Written by Rod Zolman, Sharx Design, Mount Vernon, OH

Denise Stain says

Written by Denise Stain, Digital Image Signs & Graphics

Brian says

Hi Dave, Just to say, we have opened the fonts and think they're grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Many thanks Brian
Written by Brian The Brush, Yorkshire, UK


Dennis says 

dave found it . bought it. your the best! thanks
Written by Dennis, DW Designs


Mike says 

Thanks so much Dave. That is great, good ones are hard to find, have to keep them when you finally get one!!!!
Written by Mike, Crucial Gear


Brian says

Thank You Dave The fonts loaded perfect.
Written by Brian, BRICO RACE PAINT


JAY says 

Written by JAY, Swartz Signs


Brenden Faherty says 

Thanks Dave.... Awesome stuff as usual..
Written by Brenden Faherty


Cory Mutch says 

Dave, Thanks so much for the fonts you guys have some great stuff!! I will be ordering your clip art next! Thanks for the extra font as well. Greatl appreciated.
Written by Cory Mutch, Cedar River Signs & Designs Charles City, Iowa


Steve Simpson says

Dave, Those worked perfect! Already loaded and activated. Attached is a screen shot of the Originals that I purchased from you. Thanks very much. Steve Simpson
Written by Steve Simpson, Applical Co., Knoxville, Tn


Wayne Rucker says 

Your book SignDNA-2 is great and a big help. I use it almost every day. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much for all of your help! Wayne
Written by Wayne Rucker, Rucker Signs


Anthony DeNorch says 

Received the fonts. Spectacular! Thank you very much. I will definitly order more in the future. Thanks again for such a prompt turnaround tme.
Written by Anthony DeNorchia, ADN SIGNS


Christine A. Ka says

Thanks, I received them. Thanks you for the extra font. I look forward to doing business with you. Thanks again
Written by Christine A. Kaiser, Expressions by Christine, inc


Patricia Van Li says 

Thanks for the great service, love your website and fonts. Patricia
Written by Patricia Van Lierop, Bright Designs


Petter Ewers says 

Thank you for the fonts, they are great!
Written by Petter Ewers, Motorecond


Rod Stiles says

Dave, Thank you for the fast service. Rod Stiles, Salinas, Ca.
Written by Rod Stiles, Salinas, Ca.


Lou says 

THANK YOU DAVE!! I will be ordering some more later.
Written by Lou


Jeanell Swan says 

Thanks so much Dave! I received them – just what I needed!
Written by Jeanell Swan Graphix Depot, Hiram, GA


David Eaton says 

Dear Dave, The fonts are fantastic! Thanks for the extras, too! Sincerely, Dave
Written by David Eaton, Rx Graphics


Jim Preston says 

you the man! Dave - you guys are the best! JIm Preston Jim Preston, PRESTON SIGN COMPANY, Falls Church, VA
Written by Jim Preston, PRESTON SIGN COMPANY, Falls Church, VA


DeRomeo Harris says 

Thanks...I love you guys fonts...superb
Written by DeRomeo Harris


scott says 

thank you sir. these will help tremendously in getting my sign shop up and running. at least i'll have some of the fonts i used when i was working wth the other sign company... thanks again. scott
Written by scott, NiteFly Himself


Laynie Whitlock says 

Thank ya David! ****Laynie**** :))
Written by Laynie Whitlock


John Skvarla says 

thank you, pleasure doing business with you
Written by John Skvarla, Superfly Printing


David Schleyer says 

Wow- great- thanks!
Written by David Schleyer, New Hope Church


Jennifer Gentil says 

Thanks Dave! Appreciate the gift. I'd be happy to comp you anything off my site... Let me know! Best, Jennifer
Written by Jennifer Gentile


kelly patton says 

Nice fonts, I esp like the "doggy" font and "smashing pumkins" Take care, Kelly
Written by kelly patton, Portland, CA


Sharon Wyatt, says 

Thanks! I love the extra font. It's close to a font that I really like on your web site...the one that says "Welcome to Sign DNA" (similar to "Techncal"). You'll be hearing from me again...I'm a font junkie. Thanks again!
Written by Sharon M. Wyatt, Vision Signs


Chris King says 

hey dave, you probably don't know who i am, but i ordered a few fonts from you a couple months ago. just wanted to tell you that i couldn't be mor pleased with the service and especially the fonts that i recieved! i am convinced that these fonts were what i was lacking in my work. it pumps up your work that much more when you have these kick ass fonts. can't wait to order more! thanks again.
Written by Chris King, CK Graffix


Brian Wear says 

hey, thanks boss...much appreciated!!! here's some samples of what we do at my shop, i do all the designing myself.
Written by Brian Wear, Garage Graffix, Murrieta, CA


Raul Corona says

Got it. Thanks Dave! I received the CD. Here are some more dichos: "A esa me la como aunque me empache" "Esta como la que me receto el brujo" Hierba mala nunca muere" "Tal palo, tal astilla" "El caballo nunca tropieza con la misma piedra" Thanks, Raul
Written by Raul Corona,


Peter N.Carbone says 

Thanks Dave, you da man.
Written by Peter N.Carbone


Lee Malakoff says 

Thank you so much for replacing the disc. I appreciate it very much. The number on the book is 971. Also I want the disc with 500 cartoons. Pay wih my MasterCard Thanks Again, Lee
Written by Lee Malakoff, Quincy, MI


Chris O'Keefe says 

Dave, Got it now. I appreciate the help. Thanks, Chris
Written by Chris O'Keefe, SUN Printing, Wausau, WI


Joyce Slawson says 

Hello Dave, Well, this was one of the more pleasant emails I received today! I'm PC --- really looking forward to the Sign DNA , I've heard goodstuff about it and could really use some fresh starter ideas. Thanks, --Joyce
Written by Joyce Slawson, Speedway Sign Co.


Ron Scheel says 

What was the total charged to my card? Thanks for getting those to me so fast! Sincerely, Ron Scheel President
Written by Ron Scheel


Stacy Trager says 

Excellent! Thank you very much!!!! - Stacy Trager, Owner
Written by Stacy Trager, Idea!Works Design Studios, Lansing, MI


Robbie Scott says 

Dave , thank you for your assistance. Everything downloaded perfect!
Written by Robbie Scott, Scott Sign and Design


Timothy Hutchin says

Hey Dave, Thanks a lot I appreciate the extra, just now having time do do a little design work the fonts are great! I wasn't thinking when I called ou this morning, area code 530, it's probably a different time zone, Da huh! Sorry if I woke you up, I will remember the next time. Again Thanks A lot, Tim
Written by Timothy Hutchins, Carolina Signs


DanzDesigns says 

great i was hoping to get soon , and thanks this time of year i work 7 days a week with racing jus now opening at local tracks here , i havea few extra dollars to buy fonts and software. Dave thanks so much , have a good sunday
Written by DanzDesigns


Angela Roundhil says 

Written by Angela Roundhill , Cutting Edge Signs, Jamestown, South Australia


Mr. Sticky says 

Dave, I appreciate your being able to find the fonts so quickly. You made my day. Send your mailing address for me to FedEx Sticky buns.
Written by Mr. Sticky


Richard Dauer says 

Thank you very much! Would it be possible to email these also. Thanks again for all of your help. Nice doing business with you.
Written by Richard Dauer, Fresno, CA


Derek Purvis says

Thanks a lot man.
Written by Derek Purvis The Sign and Tint Shop,Inc.


David McGary says 

Awesome, Thanks.
Written by David McGary, DMC Graphics, Philpot, KY


Mark D. Fossum, says 

Thanks Dave. I love the fonts, they tend to be my most-used fonts!
Written by Mark D. Fossum, VP, Wille Transport, Inc.


Dana Blair says 

Dave, WOW! That's some customer service that you don't see very often. I may try one out on a big motor sports job I have going. Thanks again for our help.
Written by Dana Blair, Blair Signs, Wooster, OH


Jeff Cook says 

Thanks for the great service!
Written by Jeff Cook, OMNIgraphique Designers


Thanks!!! says 

Dear Dave, Thanks for sending the fonts , they are great.
Written by Thanks!!! Billy Zirkle Zirkle Brothers Letterwerx


A to Z Signs B says 

"the signDNA 2 is a real delight & feast to the eyes,with lots of new & fresh one today, yeah!
Written by A to Z Signs Boring OR


Alfredo Guzman says 

It's tight! I just recieved the Next Generation 2 clip art CD and it's full of great elements. Saves me lots of time on my design work.
Written by Alfredo Guzman, Jr. The Cre8ive Spot


Allyn, Action S says 

Dave....Thanks for puttin' out fonts that appeal to those of us in the trade that are tired of the same old boring stuff. I personally use your fontson a daily basis to amp up and energize my layouts! Have been very happy with the ones I have in stock and can't wait for the new one's. Talk to you again soon,
Written by Allyn, Action Signs & Graphics Anchorage, AK


Andy Hearst He says 

Thanks Very Much Great to see a supplier who knows how to treat their CUSTOMERS Many Thanks
Written by Andy Hearst Hearst Signs Northern Ireland


Bob Action sig says

Great clip art book (NEXT GENERATION 2) Dave, use it almost every day to save time and get some great ideas, but watching how you use your fonts help to bring out new and good ideas when I just can't find the right font for the job.............
Written by Bob Action sign Waterloo, Iowa


Bob Fletcher says 

We Love It . Just Sold Another Using this Book. I Built Signs For Years And Always Needed Help In The Art - Design End Of The Sign World ... ..And We Use It Every Day
Written by Thanks Bob Fletcher East Coast Signs


Brushfiregraphi says 

Supa DAVE!! Just as I suspected! Gen2 is truly an explosive sign making Package! You know you've got a winner in your hands when it pays for tself and then some within the first few hours on the day of arrival. Almost overwhelming to thumb page after page of nothing but top O the line sign layouts/ ideas, Combined with your kick ass fonts and now your playing with power!
Written by "Hats...& socks off "Mucho Thanx..... See U in the bahamas!(wink-wink) Raphael (Raff-ink)


Bryan Jackson says 

"WOW - I just recieved the Next Generation package and am so happy with it. I have spent thousdands in clip art and elements and this is by far the bet I have ever purchased. Thanks - and bring us some more of this great money making stuff."
Written by Bryan Jackson Bryans Signs


Chandle says 

The content is amazing, and I use it daily. You've really out done yourself!
Written by Thanks, Chandler "Sign Source"


Cheers, MIKES says 

Dave, How are ya....mate! Those fonts are dead set brilliant... Have picked the five fonts agreed.



hey davey, your the king of the playground ! i use your vector art almost everyday,a nice comfortable blend of stuff to start or to finish ideas. tak a couple of days off and start a new one.--- chuckie


Cindy Ziese De says

COOL!!!! Awesome stuff!!!!! Dave
Written by Cindy Ziese DeZigns by Cindy


Claudette Hackw says 

Thanks, Dave! Appreciate the extras you included. Will order again!
Written by Claudette Hackworth


Claudette Hackw says 

Thanks, Dave! Appreciate the extras you included. Will order again!
Written by Claudette Hackworth


Clifford Smith says 

Dave, just received Sign DNA 2! WOW! It's chock full of great ideas that really make my job easier. I love it, but most of all my customers love what I can do for them, thanks to you! Keep up the good work and let me know when you release Sign DNA 3!
Written by Clifford Smith Advanced Graphix Express Charlotte, NC


Cobra Pinstripi says 

Thank you for sending my Sign DNA Next Generation 2, this product looks awesome,I know that it will be a great tool.Thanks Roland
Written by Cobra Pinstriping & Signs. Indian Rocks, FL


curt stenz says 

Dave, what can I say? It's fantastic, all the art is very professional. I was very surprised to see the richness of it all. Very good. There is o much in there. I see things all over the place that I could have used in the past. The printed catalog is also very well done. The radiused corner is a nice touch. Also the varnish overprint ( on the cover is very cool. This thing reeks with creativity. It is fun to page thru.
Written by curt stenz


danny highimpa says 

Thanks, been wanting to place another order for awhile, glad I finally took the time.
Written by danny highimpact sign


dave says 

you the man...................ya saved me on this one!! Thanks --dave
Written by "dave - just your style" 


Diane Huyler C says 

hey Dave, Got my Next Gen2 disk and fonts the other day. Thanks. A really nice collection that I'm sure I will use frequently
Written by Diane Huyler Color Your World


digital flames says 

Many thanks Dave! I'll be back for more!
Written by digital flames


Dwayne Hunter says 

I received the new book & CD last Thursday. MAN, it is full of tons of cool stuff. The sign layout section is neat; some killer designs in there, prfect when you hit that ‘block’. Thanks for the book & CD. I’ll be using it later today and for a long time afterwards.
Written by Dwayne Hunter Market Designs, LLC


Eileen K. Maier says

Hi Dave, Just wanted to thank you for DNA 2, and you are right, I do love it. I've already started using some of your things and I'll be getting ome fonts from you in the near future. thanks for DNA 2! Have a great week! ....Eileen
Written by Eileen K. Maier Graphics By Ei'


Fonty Sir Fonty says 

I love your fonts!
Written by Fonty Sir Fonty


Gary Godby Gra says 

Dave, I received the "Sign DNA Next Generation 2" recently & have already put it to good use. This has saved me during "Crunch Time" ( when minutesand hours are a luxury). It'll pay for itself in no time!
Written by Gary Godby Graphic Services, Inc., Manassas, VA


Gus says 

Dave, I received my sign DNA Next Generation 2 a few weeks ago and I've been using it daily for layout and clip art. If I'd have seen you're clip ar manual before purchasing, I would have been willing to pay twice the amount for the CD!
Written by Sincerely Gus DellaGhelfa Action Signs Torrington, CT


Have a great da says 

Hey thanks so much Dave. It's a cracker of a font!!!!
Written by Have a great day! Tara


JACK, TEAM says 



Jackie Hofs says 

I've just purchased your Mike Stevens fonts, and of course, luv them but, looking at your web site is bad for my health! I get the " I-want " synrome! I'm waiting anxiously to see the new Clip Art collection, I'll start saving my pennies.Thanx again!!
Written by Jackie Hofs


jan signsbyjan says 

hi Dave, we were missing the font smoothy you had said the 7, we got 6 thanks, oh the fonts we got are wonderful ...thankyou!!
Written by jan signsbyjan


Jeffery Haberma says 

Dave, Did you know that I was the first owner of your sign dna 2. The number is 0001 bought from the wizard. We love it. Your fonts help set us aprt from the rookies.
Written by Thanks, Jeffery Haberman "slewfoot"


Joe Endicot says 

Dave, the clipart package is great! Beautiful book, love the layout, thicker pages for chapter breaks, very nice! So far, the files I've grabbed, hae imported smoothly. You should be proud. Thanks!
Written by Joe Endicot>


John Bartevian says 

Since the inception of digital art I have used and demonstratd a variety of publications. I have never been so inpressed by the new release from sigDNA. Not only does it surpass all other vendors in scope and breath, in stands alone in quality art.From sign making to custom graphics this is package represents an irreplaeable addtion to our library.
Written by John Bartevian Perfect Past Customs,General Partner


John Deaton says 

Hey Dave. Just wanted you to know that I have put the new clip art cd to work quite a bit lately. I love the catalogue and how it is sectioned off. akes things easier to find. Everything is smooth and easy to weed when cutting in vinyl, and works great in print also. The selection of material is great. You guys have produced some really good stuff here and you should be proud. Pat yourself on the back.
Written by John Deaton Deaton Design harlan, ky.


John Yarnell says 

Dave, I absolutely love the CD! Sign DNA2 is going to be a huge time saver in our shop. I don't think it could get any easier to put together a layoutnow that I have the new CD. The book has a great layout and makes it a snap to find exactly what you are looking for. Thanks again Dave
Written by John Yarnell Yarnell Signs


Keep it up I th says

Dave... U da man!! Totally awesome fonts! And every time I visit the site there's new stuff, gotta love that! I'm about to acquire th next generation cd, And if the fonts are any indication of the quality that it will have I know I'll be banking!
Written by Keep it up I think your on to something! Thanks! Raphael (Raff-ink)


Ken Allison says 

Dave The package arrived today and you were right they look great and worth every nickle .In fact as soon as I stop this infernal email cycle I see to have got myself into this morning I will jump at the chance to use your product to enhace a series of layout that I was stuck on just last night . Thanks again Dave for all your help and for taking the time to create such a helpful tool for our industry.
Written by Ken Allison Spirit Signs Canada

ken pridgeon says 

Dave, I have been using your fonts for many years and have quieted all my critics for spending too much money on 15 fonts of letters when i alread have over 5,000! Long story short, I use at least one font of yours on every sign design i do.My customers love them, Thanks so much.
Written by ken pridgeon , The Dauber Over 50 years in the sign game!


Ken Tubman says 

Dave: Love your product Sign DNA 2: Next Generation My customers browse your catalog and pick out attractive colorful designs. It makes myjob easier and stimulates the imagination. Thanks for thinking of us non-Letterheads. We're out there too.
Written by Ken Tubman Bell Signs


Lane Melton @ S says 

Dave, received your new Sign DNA2 Next Generation today. I have already started using it. It is absolutely fantastic! I especially like the gallery i the front of the book. This will really help me with Design and Layout Time. Thanks again, Lane.
Written by Lane Melton @ Sign-Pro Graphics & Lettering Albany, Ky.


Later, Tony Mo says 

hanks so much Dave! These fonts are perfect! I absolutely love all of your fonts...I think I have around 24 of them now. They are some of the bes fonts out there! I always turn to SignDNA when I need to really WOW a customer or when I have a project that needs some 'zing'. Keep up the great work!
Written by Later, Tony Moore Graphics


Luke Kern says 

Dave, Sign DNA Next Generation 2 is the best book out there. We use it on a daily basic. We have only had the CD for a little over a month, but it hs paid for itself many times over. The gallery has great ideas to work with. The rest of the book/CD have has awesome clipart & layouts. Not the same stuff you see everyday. Thanks Alot For Making US Money!!
Written by Luke Kern B & B Signs Greenville, MS


Mark Summers says 

Outstanding! Best $300. I've spent. Been in the biz since ' 78. A wealth of ideas. Good Job Dave.
Written by Mark Summers

Mike Meyer says 

Hey....Add the Sign DNA clip art disc as well for my order....that's some nice stuff! Thanks Dave, i look forward to helping you out more in the fuure....sincerly Mike Meyer
Written by Mike Meyer


Paul Innecken says

Dave,..I just wanted to tell you how great the fonts are...I'll be ordering more...keep up the good work.
Written by Paul Innecken The Sign Shop


Ray Van Overbek says 

!!! thanks the fonts look great and when I catch up a little will order the new ones.
Written by Ray Van Overbeke Australia


Regards, Danie says 

Hi Dave, Fonts have been received and all work perfectly. Many thanks for the bonus one also. Will be back for more in the near future
Written by Regards, Daniel Castaneda


Regards, Bruc says 

Dave, The fonts are excellent. Being a brushy for 40 years I can really appreciate them. Thanks very much for the 2 free ones also. All the best.
Written by Regards, Bruce. (Bruce Kent Signs )


Robyn says 

Hey Dave, I received the CD on Saturday, I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I think it's awesome. GREAT JOB. Thanks again, Talk to you son
Written by Robyn Sign-a-lize


Sincerely, Rik says 

Thanks a bunch.. ...we will continue to look forward to doing more businesss with you.
Written by Sincerely, Rik Withington

Steve says 

Hi Dave All fonts are downloaded and installed!! Thanx for great service.
Written by regards Steve


Steve Becotte says 

Dave, Please send the font "Monterey Script" by Jack Wills that we spoke about over the phone. Thanks again, and I enjoy your fonts!
Written by Steve Becotte


Steve-Fineline says 

Hi Dave Got the sign dna2 delivery last week. I LOVE IT !!!! Keep up the good work dave, I'll be in touch soon for some more of your font.
Written by best regards Steve Fineline Signs U.K



Hi Dave All fonts are downloaded and installed!! excellent!
Written by 

Thank You Rega says

G'Day Dave, thanks for all the fonts and the chance to select another. I Think we'll try - Tug Boat
Written by Thank You Regards Les


Thanks again. says 

Hi Dave, I am really impressed with the Sign DNA, Next Generation 2. It helped me on a difficult logo design I needed to come up with and gave me som great ideas for signs. Lots to choose from.
Written by Thanks again. One Way Signs

Thanks and God says 

Thank you sir - for the continued excellent products.
Written by Thanks and God Bless, Bryan Jackson


Thanks, Dave W says 

Hi Dave, Received the package fast and I am very pleased with it especially the gallery section.
Written by Thanks, Dave Wright


Thanks, Derek says 

Hey Dave, Thanks a lot for getting these to me so fast. You have some really cool stuff. Keep me posted if you come up with some new stuff.I'm always in the market.
Written by Thanks, Derek

thanks. Diane says 

hey Dave, I bought a small package of your fonts from Beacon graphics a few weeks ago....and all I can say is.......Wow. Besides the great qualit, using any of those fonts really made, even a simple logo, pop! what a refreshing change from all the bazillion others out there.
Written by thanks. Diane Color Your World


Tom Bobko says 

Hey Dave- Thanks for the lightning quick service and the extra fonts. I'll bookmark your site and check back for updates.
Written by Tom Bobko


Don says 

Hey Dave, I just recieved Sign DNA 2 today, this thing is awesome. The CD is packed with thousands of great layouts and the catalog is a real helpwhen selling customers. Super Job!
Written by Thanks, Don's Sign Co.

Tyler Clark Cu says 

Thank you Dave. I appreciate it.
Written by Tyler Clark Custom Grafx


Vern Keller says

Hey Dave, Got it today.....damn, thats some nice stuff! You've come a long way baby.
Written by Thanx again, Vern Keller Roseburg, OR